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Sacred Cubit

Sacred Cubit от Слима Спарлинга

Основные мерки

Я даю очень сухо, почти без комментариев. На то есть причины. Кому надо тот поймёт. Ищите, обрящите.

Sacred Cubit (SC) по Слиму: 20.6 дюйма = 523 мм

Bohr Radius (BR) = 5.29*10^-9

SC/BR = 10 млн

По “древним” пирамидским свиткам должно быть:

Полярный Радиус Земли / SC = 10 млн

SC/BR = опять 10 млн

Это не совсем работает, т.к. официальные данные говорят что Полярный Радиус Земли = 635680000 см, что несколько болше чем ожидалось бы.

Слим использовал мерку из Royal Chamber египетских пирамид, 20.6 дюйма, т.е. 523 мм.

144 Mhz (белый свет) имеет длину волны в 208.19 см, четверть – 52.05 см, что почти SC

Таким образом:

Sacred Cubit (SC) по Слиму: 20.6 дюйма = 523 мм

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  1. http://www.sacredmeasures.com/measurements.html

    Measurements that Produce Beneficial Frequencies
    Tensor Rings (by Twistedsage.com)

    Tensor Rings can utilize Cubit fractions and combinations of 1/8, 1/4, 1/2

    ​144 MHZ Cubit~ aka Sacred or Royal Cubit. Comes from the King’s Chamber of the Great Pyramid. Slim Spurling’s Cubit. Known for its work in the Physical.
    20.63 inches ~ 52.4 cm

    177 MHZ Cubit~ aka Lost Cubit. Discovered by Hans Becker and Slim Spurling. This Cubit length was created out of a mathematical formula. The 177 MHz Tensor Field is known for its connection with the Etheric and Emotional bodies.
    23.49 inches ~ 59.67 cm

    188 MHZ Cubit~ Synergizes well with the 144 and 177. Resonates with and decalcifies the Pineal, helps release Programs and Beliefs.​​​ Brought to us by a Master Dowser. Was also given to Slim Spurling before he passed; his widow calls it the Empowerment Cubit.
    28.85748 inches ~ 73.3 cm

    333 MHZ Cubit~ Changes the color of sound and works well with Sound Healing. Brought in by a Master Dowser. It seems it may have a relation to King Solomon’s Temple. Works as a Straight Line Cubit.
    39.3131568 inches ~ 99.8554 cm

    764 MHZ Cubit~ One side of the 27″ Ring​ has a Black Whole, or absence of energy, while the other side creates a tornado style field. The tornado field always travels toward magnetic North. You can change the “polarity” if the output simply by intention. Possible uses of teleportation and tornado wrestling. Pulls in and transmutes dense energy. Brought in by a Master Dowser.
    77.55836 inches ~ 196.9982344 cm

    Click Here for the science behind

    Tensor Technology

    Straight Line Cubits

    These Cubits can be utilized

    in fractions of 1/3, such as

    1/3, 2/3, 1, 1-1/3, etc.

    Sacred Cubit- 25.025” or 63.520 cm

    1/3 of this length (21 cm) produces

    the sine wave of the frequency

    of the hydrogen atom.

    Black Cubit- 21.352” or 54.153 cm

    Both Cubits above are used in ourKeys and Starbursts, and work similar to Tensor Fields in their

    elctro- and geo- magnetic restructuring.

    Remen Cubit- 14.583” or 37.441 cm

    This is the Cubit Bill Reid uses in his version of the Starburst design

    Click here for more information

    on Doug Benjamins discoveries of these three Straight Line Cubits

    from the Great Pyramid

    333 MHZ Cubit-

    39.3131568″ or 99.8554 cm

    Is this possibly the true Meter???

    Works as both a Tensor Ring and Straight Lined Cubit

    Standard Teotihuacan Unit-

    see the Etheric Connectionpage for the measurements

    Balance and Harmony

  2. Есть ещё один грамотный человек: http://twistedsage.com
    вот что он делает: http://twistedsage.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/2015-Autumn-Spirit-Catalogue-and-On-Line-Guide-.pdf
    Жаль, что он достаточно далеко, Буффало Гап, Южная Дакота 🙂

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