Preamble or Prerequisites

If you are interested to understand all the intricacies behind the curtain it will take some knowledge. It must be clear what Fibonacci Rabbits Puzzle is (it could be recommended to invest some time in finding who Fibonacci was)

To make sure we are on the same page I am going to explain the Fibonacci Rabbits Puzzle in my own words.

Short Intro, Terminology


  • 0 – will stand for Junior Pair of Rabbits
  • 1 – will stand for Mature Pair of Rabbits


On every iteration

  1. Junior Pair of Rabbits Becomes Mature Pair of Rabbits
    1. I.e. 0 -> 1
  2. Mature Pair of Rabbits
    1. Stays as it is (Rabbits never diy)
    2. Breeds Junior Pair of Rabbits
    3. I.e: 1 -> 10
Iteration #RabbitsAmount of ParisComment
101At the first level we have only Junior Pair of Rabbits
211Junior Pair became Mature, See Rule#1a
3102Mature stayed and brought Junior Pair
410131 0
51011051 01

And so on…

Vital things to know about fractal

  • Fibonacci Sequence
    • Note: Amount of Pairs is a Fibonacci number
  • Every level of a fractal is unique and non-repeatable
    • This means that it is possible to grow a fractal only. For instance if you need a fractal of 21st level it means there is only one way to have one, you need to have a fractal of 20th level
    • There is no formula to produce the fractal of N-th level, The fractal could only be grown from a previous level

Golden Ratio. The number of Elements (Rabbits in our case) in N-th level divided by the number of Elements in N-1-st level is a Golden Ratio, that is Phi

Q&A Section

  • Q: Why it is magical?
  • Q: How to use an artifact?
    • A: Broadly speaking it works by itself. You just have it. It will attract an Energy for you.
  • Q: Why it is WAV file?
    • A: This is a pure technical. It was possible to create only media file. I had no choice but to convert Binary data to media Format
  • Q: How WAV sounds like?
    • A: Like a noise
  • Q: Why it is 44th Level?
    • This is again a technical. There is a limitation for NFTs in 100Mb. I made maximum possible, to get a most powerful fractal of this size.